Poem: A Book That Never Dies 3 By J.Y. Frimpong

This poem is also dubbed “THE RE-CREATION OF LUCIFER”

As I had promised him before,
A tale called
“The Re-creation of Lucifer”
Positing from the egocentric
Aims of a brother
Who will stop at nothing
To destroy his brother’s creation.
And to destroy an arch-enemies
Called man.
Bonsam was a handsome fellow
Yet, he viewed man as a threat.
He wanted to be special,
 To be alone
To be the one and only thing
 That never dies.
The story of evil is the story of jealousy
When Nyame created the Earth,
There existed not a capsule of evil.
Took the good of Bonsam.
“To destroy life” rather
Became an aim
He knew he could not destroy Eden
From the outside.
So he sought audience with Ano,
One of Nyame’s creation
And exploited her weakness.
He went to him in his glory
Ano saw and worshipped him
He smiled and said in his heart
It’s extremely easy
After all, man will obey me
 When their eyes behold mine
He was like Nyame unto man
It is not by mistake at all
That the meaning of his name
Was deception
And so he was
In every dimension
Of the name.
“I can easily deceive man
I can make them depart
From my brother!”
He told Ano
“I need you to help me
Destroy my brother.”
Ano living in
Agreed, for she thought
Him as Nyame.
Nyame seeing the
Ambitions of his brother
Called him to dinner
And asked for reasons
Behind his jealousies
Of course,
He couldn’t tell his brother
And a lie of
“I was just visiting”
He thought was more apposite
Anger took over Nyame
And he fought his brother.
This war
Wrought the defeat of Bonsam
And his been thrown
Into the bottomless pit.
The result was his
Burning beyond the bespoken.
And this is how the death
Of Bonsam happened in
Close exactness.
 Nyame seeing what he had done.
Fell on the Heavenly floor
And wept
He had killed a part of him
And had become weak as a result.
Immediately he travelled
To His Father’s chambers
Located in a galaxy
Far far away
He called on his father Chaos
And asked him for guidance.
He counselled him with these words
“Son, in order for there to be good
There should exist evil
Evil will makes good shine.
The world you have created
The world you built on Asaase Yaa
The world that Ewiam watches over
Will be nothing but a complete waste
If evil does not persist
Re-create your brother
Let him visit your creation
Let him deceive man
Let man die
That will be the beauty of life
The beauty of life
Is never immortality
But to live a life so short
And yet die with no regret.
So He did
Followed the advice of a father.
He travelled out from Earth,
Out of the Milky Way
Into the Fiery Pits
He re-created Bonsam out of fire
 Out of love
He made him more beautiful
And special than what he already was
Just to let him feel
Special in his own way.
In order for him not to feel lonely
He made angels, of which,
He could associate with.
 Made him an arch-angel
And gave him a voice.
And a conscience.
After creating him, he bathed him
In the river of Hopes located hundreds of
Galaxies from the Fiery Pits
And decorated him
With cells from the sun
He shone like the sun
A new name he gave him
For he was like light
Upon the eyes
And upon the soul
But false.
He had countenance of the heavens
He could eclipse any planet at wish.
Because his glow outshined the sun
After re-creating him,
 He gave him
Power to do anything he wanted
This was how Bonsam was re-created.
In very close
After he had been re-created,
He gave him the free-will
To visit Eden
To relate and dine
With man
And each day he did visit Eden
To play with man.
Ano and Pokuaa used to tell him
How beautiful he was.
Many things they did say
One of which suggested
That he was better than Nyame.
Nyame heard this from the heavens
He wept.
He could not destroy Bonsam
Neither did he want to destroy the humans
He had created out of mere dust.
Chaos saw his son, Nyame, and held council
With him yet again.
“I understand what you are going through
Though it seems your brother has taken
Your glory,
Don’t lose the good in you.
Give man the cursed potion of death
At the end,
They will either choose you
Or your brother
Don’t despair,
For the few you will have
Will make you happy”
Father, I have no voice,
 How do I convince man
To listen to me?
How can I prevent man from
Deception especially from my only brother?”
A reply he gave
“Time always tells,
With time you will know what to do
Or who to send
Look at me, you view me as an oracle
Of Wisdom yet I am not;
Out of experience and with time
Have I acquired these
What I have learnt over these years
Is immortality is nothing to no one
If I had the chance I would be dead
Yet if I die, evil will be gone
Good too will be gone
There would be nothing except Chaos
My mere existence
Brings order to the world”
Nyame smiled and went into the garden
And planted the Tree of Wisdom
The seed out of which
Lucifer’s brain was made of.
And said to man
“Do not eat of this tree
 You will die.
If you disobey me
The consequences of which
You must bear.
Bonsam heard this and was sad
He didn’t want man to die
“He doesn’t trust me”
He sat
Engaging in guessing.
And he didn’t want to fight with
Nyame again
So he went to his father Chaos
And asked “Father, how can I prevent
Man from eating this cursed fruit?
If man dies, I shall be lonely”
Chaos smiled and said to him
“Bonsam, look at how the plant
Grows fruit year in and year out
If man dies, he will be replaced
By his own.
And if man dies, he will
Either be with you or with Nyame
When he heard this he smiled
And asked again
“Father, I love man! How can I
Make them be with me”
If you want to keep man
You must lose them
To your brother.


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