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Remi Oyeyemi: The Victory Of Evil?

“When power leads men towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations……When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.” – President John F. Kennedy on October 26, 1963 at Amherst College, Massachussets. Glancing around me Sordid is what stares at me Despondent I can’t help but be So discouraged never have I been[Read More…]

‘Love Is A Stranger To Her’ Dark Lady, Poem By J.Y. Frimpong

Fairest among all, how Then can such be called the Dark lady? You have a skin as fair as snow But blessed with a soul as dark as a discorded melody Dark lady, she shines like diamonds in the skies Don’t dare look at her face; shaped like a mask[Read More…]

Poem: A Book That Never Dies 3 By J.Y. Frimpong

This poem is also dubbed “THE RE-CREATION OF LUCIFER” As I had promised him before, A tale called “The Re-creation of Lucifer” Positing from the egocentric Aims of a brother Who will stop at nothing To destroy his brother’s creation. And to destroy an arch-enemies Called man. Bonsam was a[Read More…]

SHORT STORY: The Thief Of The Night Written By Ghana’s J.Y. Frimpong

This story is based on the poem “THE THIEF OF THE NIGHT”. Click goo.gl/LRyVZa to download the poem. TO begin with, Asare was a weird fellow; there is no doubt about it. He had only one friend who was also as weird as him; there is also no doubt about[Read More…]

The Theft Of The Night, A Poem By Yaw Frimpong [Read]

There was this house located near the grave In which one day the spirits decided to out-pour And in this house lived a lonely man Who the malevolent spirits played this game on I remember it was a plutonian night. I also remember how sleep eluded him that day On[Read More…]

Electric Castle: A Poem By Ghana’s J. Y. Frimpong [READ]

My bride is in the mortuary! Her love was pure. She wants me back but I don’t She is dead and gone. Leave me alone oh you ghost. Leave my heart alone, yours has stopped. If really you loved me, Then don’t leave me in this electric castle. If you[Read More…]