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J.Y Frimpong: Dear Diary, A War Is Coming



A war is coming, I don’t know how to tell you but deep within me, I feel that a war is coming. Today, 10th February, I was on my way to the “koko seller” to buy breakfast and the events that I witnessed on the way confirmed the dreams I have been having for the past two weeks! A war is coming, I don’t know how fast it will come, I don’t know who will bring it but I know it is coming.
It seems that people are oblivious as to what war can do to this country. You remember that fair girl I have been crushing on lately. Yes, Animwaa! She sat beside the “Space-to-space” operator telling her about how happy she would be if there’s a war in Ghana. Seriously, what kind of thought is that?
You also remember that mad man sleeping on the street? Not Dirty Akwasi! I mean Brefo, he seemed to be preaching about violence. You also remember that “cocoa krachie”, the one who said that I was conceited and that my going to the university doesn’t indicate in any way that I was more brofosem than him? Yes that one! I saw him sitting at the market square today and he looked at me with an evil concealing look; if I was not in paranoia, I thought I heard him say that I would be the first person to die when the war finally comes.
You also remember Little Akwasi? Apparently, he had been sacked from school and his mother was lambasting the President for the bad state of the economy. She obviously supports a revolution. Oh Diary, how do I preach to these people that a war is going to worsen the economic hardship of this country?
You also remember Auntie Abrafi? I just heard that her husband is dead. I heard her family couldn’t gather money for his operation and now he’s dead. I passed by her house after buying my breakfast and I saw her beating her chest and wishing for a revolution.
Dear diary, a revolution is coming, I don’t know when or how but it is coming. Diary, I am very much disturbed! You know that I can’t pour my heart out to people, you know that all I can do is to write so if the war finally comes and I’m gone – I just want someone to find this diary so that he can read everything in it. Dear diary, I just wish I would live long to communicate with you.

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