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A Must Read Story Of Madam Mook “Out To Torment Me”

by J.Y. Frimpong They said she hid in the cupboard, they also said she wore a white bridal dress, they equally said she was the scariest ghost that had ever lived. So many were the things were said about her – some mythical, some a figment of the narrator’s imagination,[Read More…]

‘Love Is A Stranger To Her’ Dark Lady, Poem By J.Y. Frimpong

Fairest among all, how Then can such be called the Dark lady? You have a skin as fair as snow But blessed with a soul as dark as a discorded melody Dark lady, she shines like diamonds in the skies Don’t dare look at her face; shaped like a mask[Read More…]

Poem: A Book That Never Dies 3 By J.Y. Frimpong

This poem is also dubbed “THE RE-CREATION OF LUCIFER” As I had promised him before, A tale called “The Re-creation of Lucifer” Positing from the egocentric Aims of a brother Who will stop at nothing To destroy his brother’s creation. And to destroy an arch-enemies Called man. Bonsam was a[Read More…]

“If She Was Beautiful, Why Doesn’t She Have A Husband” Read J.Y. Frimpong’s Short Story

EVEN for my age, I knew Miss Jean was wildly beautiful. I am sure my father had the same opinion about her, my mother on the other hand was never a fan of hers. She always complained about her fat cheeks and legs, her article of faith was that the[Read More…]

Poem-Time! Check Out J.Y Frimpong’s ‘Living To Die 3 (Chimera)’

From the forbidden fruit Came man’s perpetual suffering. From the Eden we lost To the disobedience of our mother, Eve And from the foolishness Of our father, Adam That Death has come to checkmate us And outplay us in the Chess of life From which we cannot respite. We are[Read More…]

Electric Castle: A Poem By Ghana’s J. Y. Frimpong [READ]

My bride is in the mortuary! Her love was pure. She wants me back but I don’t She is dead and gone. Leave me alone oh you ghost. Leave my heart alone, yours has stopped. If really you loved me, Then don’t leave me in this electric castle. If you[Read More…]