Poem-Time! Check Out J.Y Frimpong’s ‘Living To Die 3 (Chimera)’

From the forbidden fruit
Came man’s perpetual suffering.
From the Eden we lost
To the disobedience of our mother, Eve
And from the foolishness
Of our father, Adam
That Death has come to checkmate us
And outplay us in the Chess of life
From which we cannot respite.

We are born with a boomerang body
Which becomes our Waterloo
And sets nothing but an uncontrollable
Self- destructive agenda.
As we watch our bodies desolate and defile,
We watch others bloom
Only for it to walk on the same part of destruction.
Once you are born of this flesh
There is no exit sign nor an escape room.

Can we get back to Eden
And undo this curse put on us?
For that I have no answer
Neither can I engage in guessing
Nor seek answers from philosophers
Who are in complete oblivion
As to where I can locate the philosopher’s stone.
Going back to Eden is our only hope
But who is going to lead us
To that promise Land
Which our forefathers have longed for?

Before we embark on this journey
We must ask ourselves whether
Eden was a myth or is a treasure island
Waiting to be discovered by some Pirates
Or by some paupers whose life dream
Is to live in a Romanesque chateau
Perhaps, we should just count it as
A dream and nothing more than that?
But no, all what we need is a little bit of hope
If we lose that hope, we lose the dream
Of achieving immortality.
We are going to Eden
Our heaven, our salvation and our dream.
Or Eden might after all not be on Earth
But some other planet in a different galaxy
Sitting aloof and growing weed
Whilst we sit here on Earth
Merely engaging in a forever
Untestable hypothesis.

But whatever may
Hope remains like a fire we make
Just a little can buy a nation.
But for Eden, let us say it’s just for now a


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