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Love At First flight, Ultimate Frisbee Has A New Club in Maiduguri

Tahir Sherriff   What began as a casual after office hours disc throwing exercise has become a sport that is changing the heart of Nigeria’s most toughest and dangerous state, Maiduguri. Ultimate is now a local contributor to fairness, positive attitude, self-control and good communication.   I used to really[Read More…]

Nigerian Government Launches 2 Powerful Ads Targeting Second-hand Smokers (WATCH) #ClearTheAir

by Tahir Sherriff   Tobacco Free Campaign: Nigerian Government Launches 2 Powerful Ads targeting second-hand smokers and raising cancer awareness (WATCH) The Federal Ministry of Health has released two sets of public service advertising targeting second hand smokers. The advert narrates that about 10% of the 6 million annual tobacco-related[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: US Exit from Paris Agreement; Implications And Opportunities for Nigeria

As United States president Donald Trump stood in front of millions to deliver his ultimatum on the position of the United States as regards the Paris Agreement, nothing short of a spectacle was expected, and as it has been with Trump from the days of his election, the unexpected did[Read More…]

Opinion: Another Day, Another Democracy; Is Nigeria Truly Beyond Repair?

  Nigeria’s Democracy Day passed with deafening silence. Without the fanfare and drama that saw the ushering in of the Buhari administration merely two years ago. The atmosphere was calm and yet highly sensitive. Sensitive to the unspoken words of the people, calm in the face of the unmasked anger[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: Nigeria, Life After The Ramadan Fast

Emir of Kano, Muhammad Lamido Sanusi II (C) rides a horse after attending the Eid al-Fitr prayers in Kano, Nigeria (Photo Credit) Reuters News Agency.   One of the most fundamental takeaways from the month of Ramadan, for Muslims, is that they get in touch through collective experience, with living[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: Buharism And The Rise of A Dictatorship Styled Democracy

Buharism and the rise of a Dictatorship styled Democracy.   Whilst most politicians in Nigeria’s new political dispensation claim the ‘change’ mantle, very little ever does really change. If anything has changed, it is the knowledge that the new administration is deeply committed to fighting corruption, but not as equally[Read More…]

Are disabled people invisible to you & the Nigerian government?

Tahir Sherriff Bola, 22 (real name omitted) has never left her small room in a small community in Ekiti state. She is walled in by several buildings built by her father for his two wives and five children to ensure that she cannot leave the premises. Her only crime is[Read More…]

Open Letter to Boko Haram: Please Attack Our politicians

Tahir Sherrif Dear Boko Haram, First i must apologize for using the whole phrase Boko Haram while writing a rather personal letter. This is because in all the information provided about you, none has been able to truly describe you completely as to whom you really are, or where you[Read More…]