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Crisis Looms In Zimbabwe: Army Chief Threatens To Take Over Power From President Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s top military general on Monday called for an immediate end to purges against former liberation war fighters in President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party, after Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa was removed from office. In a move that highlighted the tensions rising in the southern African nation, Constantino Chiwenga, commander of Zimbabwe[Read More…]

Mercy Abang: Young Zimbabweans brace up Ahead of 2018 Elections

by Mercy Abang Following the ouster of the despot Yahaya Jammeh of the Gambia, the notion that change will happen for nations with sit-tight leaders has been reinforced. From Cameroon to Uganda, Angola, Equatorial Guinea and of course Zimbabwe where the 94-year-old Robert Mugabe who has ruled for more than[Read More…]

Zimbabwean Gov’t Says President Mugabe Is Not Sleeping At Conferences, But Closing His Eyes To Protect Them

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s spokesman has hit back at critics who accuse him of being asleep at public events when his eyes appear to be closed, saying the 93 year old is in fact protecting them from bright lights. George Charamba was quoted by the state-owned Herald newspaper as saying[Read More…]

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe Has Left the Country for Medical Checks In Singapore

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has left the country for medical checks in Singapore, the government said in a statement, about two months after his previous such trip to the south Asian nation. Aged 93, Mugabe is the only leader the southern African country has known since independence in 1980, and[Read More…]

‘We Will Field Robert Mugabe’s Corpse For Election’, Says Grace Mugabe

  Grace Mugabe has been giving a speech at a campaign rally as she continues to position herself as her husband’s potential successor as leader. She has reportedly offered to field 92-year-old Robert Mugabe’s corpse as an election candidate to demonstrate Zimbabweans’ affection for him.    If Mugabe dies, we[Read More…]

“I’m The President Already” – Zimbabwean First Lady, Grace Mugabe Says

Zimbabwean first lady, Grace Mugabe has announced herself as the new president to take over when her husband, Robert Mugabe finally steps down due to his concerned health issues. Robert Mugabe, is the world’s oldest and one of the longest serving Head of State at 92 years old. Mugabe having[Read More…]

“Yes, I Was Dead, But I Resurrected” – Says Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe joked Saturday that he had been resurrected as he returned from a foreign trip, mocking rumours that he had died or is critically ill. “Yes, I was dead. It’s true I was dead. I resurrected as I always do once I get back to my country.[Read More…]

“If The People Want Me To Go, I Will Go” – Says Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has accused his potential successors of wanting him dead, saying shame is upon them because “I am not dying”. Speaking with about 10,000 veterans of Zimbabwe’s 1970s independence war on Thursday, the oldest African ruler said his frequent trips to Malaysia and Singapore had fed[Read More…]

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe Says He’s ‘Fit’ To Remain In Power Until He’s 100

Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe in a two-hour interview with state broadcaster ZBC TV late on Thursday he said his successor has to be chosen democratically. He stated that his wife will not automatically inherit the role. This came as a warning to opposing members of his Zanu-PF party. The antagonizing[Read More…]

Zimbabwe’s Government To Start Taxing Churches

Zimbabwe’s cash-strapped government, which has failed to come up with a budget has now become desperate and is moving in to tax churches and non-governmental organisations. With millions of people turning to Christianity in the last few years, government is said to be looking at ways to make churches prime[Read More…]