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Adekoya Boladale: This Social Media Deserves To Be Banned

“Hopefully, someday we will get tired of this attitude of voting people out and start focusing on voting people in” – Ayodele Sogunro One of the identified problems militating against our development as a country is not just the absence of qualitative leadership but lack of intelligent electorates. For a[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: Honeymoonization And The Death Of Expression

Don’t tell me you did not miss the days when we took turn to pass insults on the maladministration of the Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, the days when you came online and read various versions of vituperations and backlashes against the President. Those were the days when we all rushed to[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: At A Table With The King- A Memoir Of ‘Meet The President’

‘Yahaya, how are you doing?’ I asked. ‘Fine, oga’ he responded. Its been a while I last called my friend, Yahaya, who works at one of the Bureau de change in Yaba, Lagos. Ever since the depreciation of the naira, clients have stopped paying in dollars, most have attributed the[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: Olusegun Obasanjo, A Gift That Keeps Giving Sh*t

For those of us not privileged to have been born in the 60’s, the heroic and bravery of Retired General Olusegun Obasanjo was taught to us in the four walls of elementary and secondary schools. ‘…the civil war lasted for years’ my primary school teacher, Mr. Bayo began in one[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: Time To Consider A Unity Government For Nigeria

If there is one thing political events in the past few days has taught us about the up-coming general election in Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria, it is the fact that the term ‘free and fair’ may become too expensive for the country to afford if it eventually goes to[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: How Jonathan Killed His Good luck

With a tension soaked atmosphere, the Nigeria general election hits a countdown of days as various political parties and contenders continue to rally round for the sympathy and votes of the electorates. Apart from the federating states with rainbow like contending parties, the presidential election which seems to have gained[Read More…]

Opinion: Muhammadu Buhari, The Myths Of Change

In the wee hours of the night on January 4th, 1984, heavily armed men of the special ops department of the Nigerian Army known as strike force stormed the residence of Chief Olu Awotesu in Lagos to effect an arrest based on an order from above. Chief Olu Awotesu had[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: A Nation On Death Row

In a few months time, Africa most populous nation, Nigeria will be heading to the polls to elect its political representatives in an electoral exercise that has been predicted to be the fiercest yet political battle in the history of the country and a great decider to the unity and[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: 2015, Core Attention Must Be Given To The North; Policy Of ‘Certified Proof Of Age’

With the recent declaration of President Jonathan to run for a second term, the political atmosphere of Nigeria is now fully charged. While the major opposition party continues the foot dragging on who to present against the president come 2015, it is important to say that the 2015 race maybe[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: This North Deserves No Pity

I have often been questioned at various fora for my views on the 2015 presidential election in Nigeria and now widely acknowledged zoning to the Northern part of the country. Most times I have shied away from discussing ethnic based issues as such moves always leave one with an identity[Read More…]