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Adekoya Boladale: 2015 Election, Oluronbi And The Iroko Tree

If there is one thing I remember vividly about my childhood, it is the numerous African folktales my late grandma often spice up our nights with after dinner. In the midst of these numerous stories was one which has remained evergreen in my mind. The story of Oluronbi and the[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: Talking About Suicide, The Strong Ones Stay And Fight On

Growing up as a nine year old boy with a single parent is extremely challenging especially with all the frustrations our society offers. The thought of committing suicide had often crossed my mind, not once, not twice, and not even thrice! There was an occasion I had summoned courage to[Read More…]

Adekoya Boladale: Forget Rice, ‘Odourless Fufu’ Is The Next Big Thing

Around the streets of Osogbo, Modakeke, Ife, Ede and even far away in Bourdillonian Circus, the beats of victory and sounds of jubilation has continued to roar in a tempo similar to the echoes felt that day in Pompeii when Tetraites defeated Prudes. But unlike Tetraites, the victory of Aregbesola[Read More…]