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With four wives and no divorce, I have temperament to serve as House of Reps Speaker — Doguwa



The Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, Alhassan Doguwa has said with his four wives and 28 kids he has the temperament to lead the 10th House of Representatives as the Speaker.

Dogunwa, who declared his intention to contest for the seat of Speaker on Wednesday in Abuja said the people who perceived him to be a highly temperamental person misjudged him.

He said while his constituent does not judge him as someone who has a high temperament, someone else might see him as such.

The lawmaker stressed that to the best of his knowledge, he is a low-level person and humble.

Doguwa stated: “I am a low-level Nigerian and I will always present myself as such. For those who refer to me as a highly temperamental person, I want to say, by my judgment, my standard that they misperceive me.

“The man who has four wives and 28 kids in his house, and I’ve never had a divorce anyone. It is only a mistaken misperception. It can only be a misperception, or an oversight, or lack of proper comprehension if anybody of my disposition, of my social stature.”

Speaking on the alleged murder case against him, Doguwa noted that he wouldn’t like to comment so much on a matter that is already before the court.

The lawmaker noted that he believed that the principle of presumption of innocence until one is proven guilty covers him, adding that it does not stop him whatsoever to vie for a position that he knows he was eminently qualified for.

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