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Dean lied, he stole $5000, Korra Obidi reveals evidence



American doctor, Justin Dean, had earlier denied claims that he stole money from his estranged wife and popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi, saying it was an accident.

“It was an accident. I was not expecting anyone to transfer any money to the joint account or any account. I was paying bills. I’m a busy person. I returned the money, it was an accident, a bona fide accident,” Dean had replied in a Facebook live video.

Reacting to this, Obidi came out in a new video, Saturday evening, saying that Dean had lied, showing the e-mail conversation she had with him where he acknowledged transferring the money and had asked Obidi to also refund some money she took from him.

Obidi said Dean’s statement was one of the numerous lies, adding that it was never an accident, saying that Dean just refunded the money because she had the guts to come out on social media.

In her words, the conversation read, “You stole  $4900 from the joint account, send my money back, we’re separated and it is a theft.

“Please clarify who this is?” She said Dean had responded.

“Please return my 10k in gold as well,” he further said.

“What 10k in gold, are you okay? I don’t have your gold, what are you talking about? I sent that money for rent.

“I am not asking anything to feed your kids,” she read, adding that she had been with the kids for one month and never asked Dean for a dime.

“That money is what I plan on paying rent with. Send back the $5000 I sent to the joint account by mistake. I have been taking care of the kids without asking anything from you. You have stolen from me and the kids, please send the $5000 back. ”

It was gathered that Dean no longer replied.

Obidi, who went emotional, had told her followers who were supporting Dean that she prayed they fell victims to someone like Dean.

Obidi also said her safety and those of her kids could no longer be guaranteed, adding that anything could happen anytime.

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