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WATCH as Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi vows to never show off any future partner on social media after Nigerians destroyed her first marriage



Dancer, singer and social media content creator, Korra Obidi, vows to never show off any future partner on social media.

Korra Obidi and her American husband, Dr Justin Dean, announced that they would be getting a divorce shortly after she gave birth to her second child.

In in a post on social media, Obidi said, “You people will destroy it like you destroyed my first marriage,” she said.

“Me, If I have another bae, I will never ever put him online, you people will destroy it, like you destroyed my first marriage”.

Since the two seperated, Justin Dean, a sports therapist and the estranged husband of dancer and singer, Korra Obidi, continued to trade tackles with each other on social media over $5,000 which Obidi claimed Dean withdrew from their joint account without her permission.

Taking to her Facebook page, Obidi claimed that Dean withdrew the money she deposited into the joint account they both used to manage. She said, “He has stolen from me and my girls. I don’t want to be treated like a horse that is working for a slave master. I sent this money by mistake to the joint account. He has emptied the account. He is stealing from me.

“He is not giving me any money for food, for the girls; nothing. I am taking care of these girls myself and he is stealing from us.”

Obidi also stated that when she reached out to him to pay back the money, he refused.

However, reacting to the allegations, Dean said, “(Yes), I transferred money. It was an accident. I was not expecting anyone to transfer any money to the joint account or any account. I was paying bills. I am a busy person. I returned the money; it was a bonafide accident.”

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