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Korra Obidi’s estranged husband, Dean, denies $5,000 theft allegation



Justin Dean, American-born, Los Angeles-based chiropractor, and estranged husband to Nigerian dancer, model, singer and actor, Korra Obidi, has come out to defend his name on an Instagram live session.

The doctor took to his Instagram page on May 7, 2022, to deny the accusations Korra made against him, where she accused him of stealing $5,000 from their joint account.

In response to the accusations, he stated he did not steal the money from their account but he transferred it out mistakenly.

He said, “it was an accident”. He explained he has a savings account which he uses to pay his bills and pay for his children’s therapy and he is a busy person, but that was an error.

Justin also claimed he returned the money at the time of his live session, but Korra Obidi has not made a statement confirming that yet. The Chiropractor also showed his earnings for April and his current earnings from the days he has worked so far, in May, to further buttress his point about why he would not steal from Korra.

Addressing the number of people who reached out to him for a response, and the people on the live session he was hosting on Instagram, he accused them of being negative and trying to negatively influence him.

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