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2023: How to encourage Nigerians to get their PVC — BBNaija’s Prince



Winner of Mr Nigeria 2018, and former BBNaija housemate, Nelson Enwerem, popularly known as Prince, is suggesting a way to encourage Nigerians to acquire their PVCs.

He took to his twitter page on Sunday, February 6, 2022, to share his suggestion, where he explains that if Nigerian artists could host a concert and only request PVCs as an entry fee, people will go register for them.

His tweet reads “Scenes where Naija artists come together and host free shows all over the country and the only gate fee is to show your PVC… another way we can push the “get your PVC agenda”

“It’ll really work wonders in getting our message out there beyond SM, but then what do I know?”

After reading the various reactions to this tweet, he acknowledged the responders who are worried about people coming out to vote. On Monday, February 7, 2022, he responded to his earlier post with a thread of tweets.

In the new thread, he notes that people asked why the BBNaija housemates won’t come out instead, and to that, he explains that musicians are a lot more influential than his colleagues.

He wrote “So I’ve been seeing a lot of tweeps saying “it’s not just about getting the PVC, will the people come out and vote?”

“The “proposed concerts” are not just to make people get the PVC, it’s an avenue for grass root sensitization for those who have it to not practice”

“Political apathy when the time comes, but to also come out and vote for who they believe is the best candidate to move the nation forward.“

“72m PVCs were collected during the last election and approximately 29m voted that’s 40%. Well, if we increase the numbers to 100m and if The percentage remains the same that means at least 40m people would have voted. Are the shows a long shot? Maybe, is it impossible, NO.”

“Who’ll fund it? You’ll be shocked at the amount of money that show up when these artists agree to use their huge platforms for this cause”

“And several well meaning brands will definitely jump in to sponsor.

“Why musicians, why not Bbn housemates? … really?”

“No disrespect to my colleagues and the show but I’m pretty sure a lot of Nigerians would rather come out to listen to their musical faves than Us”

“The influence level can’t even be compared. Musicians have a lot of influence that can be harnessed.”

“But the onus doesn’t just lie with them, it lies with all of us to make the right decision during this forthcoming elections and also on every person with a platform to use it”

“Now, because the change we seek in this country won’t come if we don’t device unorthodox strategies to achieve them.”

“My idea might be flawed and imperfect but it’s just me thinking out loud and giving my humble 2cents. Before you jump in to criticize, please What’s yours?”


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