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5 things to do before applying your make-up



Society expected women to appear in certain ways. It is a general belief that women are beautiful and should be seen in the public exuding the beauty that God has bestowed them.

This is why make-up has become one of the integral parts of many women. It helps to booster self-esteem ? when applied right.

If your skin is acting funny (different from how it used to be), after washing off your make-up, it is probably because you didn’t prep your face properly prior its the application.

Here are 5 things you may want to do before applying your make-up next time:


This is one of the most important things to do before applying your make-up. It minimises the risk of breakouts; control skin dryness; could normalise oily skin and other issues that can be associated with dirty skin.

Always wash your face using lukewarm water. There are cleanser products you can get at the beauty section of your preferred grocery store. Select based on your skin type.

When you cleanse, your skin will be smoother; while the make-up would stick better and evenly without pores.

Circulate face blood

The skin tends to glow better when the blood in the face is well circulated. To improve the face blood circulation, consider rubbing it with ice. This strategy can also help to shrink the pores on your face and also reduce puffiness around the eyes.

Some experts have also argued it can help soothe acne. Plus, it improves the absorption of your make-up. Rubbing the face with ice enhances the deep absorption of make-up products.

Use toner

In case there is any remaining dirt after cleansing your eyes, the toner should be able to get rid of it. This dirt could be dead skin cells or bacteria.

It would also seal the pores and hydrate the skin. However, when choosing your toner, make sure it is alcohol-free.


Exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. If this is part of your normal skin routine, you may ignore it. It helps to deal with any build-up on your skin. But, when you notice your face skin is red, it is a sign you are exfoliating too much. Likewise, if it doesn’t feel smooth or appears dull, you may need to exfoliate.


Hydrate your face skin with a moisturizer. This makes the foundation and concealer application on the face easier and they tend to remain in place longer.

It is important you research the brand and company before selecting a moisturizer. Seek advice (in case), to select the best for your skin type. Don’t rub the moisturizer, only press it onto the skin. This will make it penetrate the skin for better absorption and stimulate the cells.

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