Why breastfeeding is important for you and your baby

Breastfeeding is one of the most powerful health interventions that humans have when it comes to child survival. It is the best way to give a child the right and strong start to life. But despite these endless benefits, it is a decision only you can make among alternatives.  

Breast milk is unique because it has antibodies, stem cells and it is a living substance. It empowers a baby’s development and brain development like nothing else. 

Breastmilk changes in a baby so as the baby grows the breast milk adapts to its needs and breastfeeding is not just the milk, it is also the act of bonding between a mom and a baby and there is a lot that goes into that.

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Studies have shown that about 820,000 children’s lives can be saved every year if women have the ability to breastfeed for as long as it is recommended. It protects children against illnesses and diseases and gives them the healthiest start to life. So many of the illnesses that young kids suffer are life-threatening for babies.

When we talk about breastfeeding, the discussion is majorly about the baby and all the benefits breast milk has for the baby but in reality breastmilk is just as important for mothers. 

Breastfeeding has an incredible ability to protect the mother against diseases like heart disease, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, even diabetes and depression. So it is important that all moms have an opportunity to breastfeed and that all mums are supported to breastfeed. 

All kids deserve the strongest and equal start to life, so supporting all mothers in the world to breastfeed is an important task the world authorities must unite to achieve.

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