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COVID-19: Lagos State Government activates oxygen treatment centre



As part of efforts to mitigate the effect of the third wave of COVID-19 infection in Lagos State, the state government has activated 10 COVID-19 oxygen treatment and sample collection centres as well as 20 Local Government Area (LGA) based COVID-19 sample collection sites.

The centres, according to the State’s Commissioner for Health, Prof. Akin Abayomi which were established during the heat of the first and second waves of the global pandemic have been rejigged and reinvigorated to provide swift oxygen therapy to residents who require it and easy access to COVID-19 testing for citizens who needed to test for COVID-19 infection.

Abayomi who made the disclosure, on Thursday, while reviewing reports of operations at the centres also explained that the 10 COVID-19 oxygen treatment and sample collection centres were established as dual-purpose facilities and strategically located in 10 local government areas with a high burden of COVID-19 infection cases to provide oxygen support and serve as COVID-19 sample collection base to residents.

He noted the state government is doing all within its powers to ramp up testing and improve on its management of COVID-19 cases by providing citizens with support and seamless access to quality and efficient COVID-19 care services to lower the curve of COVID-19 third wave and prevent infection from further spreading.

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