Blasphemy: Court acquits teenage boy sentenced to jail in Kano

A Kano high court of appeal sitting at Audu Bako secretariat has discharged and acquitted one Faruq Umar earlier sentence to 10 years jail on offence of blasphemy against Allah.

Faruq Umar was convicted and sentenced to jail by upper Shari’a Court judge Aliyu Mohammad Kani, Filling Hockey division last year for violating section 382 of the Sharia penal code law 2000.

Faruq was 13 year old when he committed the said offense but the judgment was delivered till 2020 when he was 17 years old.

In his judgment on the appeal, Justice Nasiru Saminu, nullified the judgment of the lower court for lacking credibility.

Recall that 4 months ago, the director of Auschwitz Museum, Piotr Cywi?ski has written to President Buhari and asked him to pardon the 13-year old Omar Farouq.

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