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Aisha Yesufu backs Ezekwesili’s call for medical probe on Buhari



Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu has backed Oby Ezekwesili’s call for a mental and physical assessment of President Muhammadu Buhari by an independent panel. 

Oby Ezekwesili, a former Minister of Education had on Sunday urged Nigerians to demand a probe into President Muhammadu Buhari’s mental and physical capability to carry on the duties of office. 

She said through her social media that with the fragility of the present day Nigeria-State; the president has to forego privacy and succumb to the citizens’ right to know.

“I think that at this stage and depth of fragility of the Nigeria-State, Privacy has to yield ground to our Right-to-know as citizens, the state of health of @MBuhari,” Ezekwesili tweeted.

“We really must assess the physical or mental capability of  @NGRPresident to carry on the duties of office.”

Ezekwesili renewed the call for the medical probe on Tuesday.  

She said, “Imagine…people who sought for and received legitimacy from citizens to solve problems on their collective behalf sounding defeated. 

“Imagine the chief spokesperson of government telling citizens that the country is “at the mercy of terrorists”.

We need a #MedicalPanelOnBuhari”

Agreeing with Ezekwesili, Aisha Yesufu said “We do need to check the capacity of Buhari and if doctrine of necessity is necessary it should be implemented”

Controversy has trailed the health of President Muhammadu Buhari ever since he left for London in January 2017 for seven weeks of medical leave.

He has gone on more medical trips after that to treat an undisclosed illness. 


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