“Fleeing Terrorists” – Army Warns Nigerians of Boko Haram Escapees

The army has called on Nigerians to look out for Boko Haram escapees among them and report such to security agencies.

In a statement on Sunday, Sani Usman, spokesman of the army, said the “fleeing terrorists” would want to take cover in communities.

He said the insurgents in their bid to remain relevant may resort to suicide bombing to inflict terror on the unsuspecting populace.

The army spokesman also asked communities, particularly in the north-east to put security measures in place.

“Evidently, the fleeing terrorists will want to take cover and begin to filter into isolated communities,” the statement read.

“These defeated Boko Haram terrorists in their desperation to remain relevant, may further resort to employment of suicide bombers to inflict pain and terror on innocent and unsuspecting populace.

“In the light of this, communities and peace loving members of the society are advised to be on the lookout for Boko Haram terrorists’ escapees and promptly report any observed strange movements and suspicious persons in their communities, particularly in places of worship, markets, weddings and any other gathering to the relevant security agencies within their localities.

“Communities are also enjoined to put in place security measures for reporting incidences.”

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