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Anuoluwapo Adebayo: Our Beautician, @anu_chayil Writes About Why Investing In Your Grooming Is Not Superficial



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There are people who often wonder why some of us pay attention to things like getting a pedicure, having our eyebrows professionally threaded, shaving off unwanted hair and so on; I hear allegations like being vain or superficial and some men are even accused of being too in touch with their feminine side.

But if I turned up at your office/school/social gathering or home with my normally shinny black hair now looking mud brown and tied in a careless bun; as I raised my hand to wave at you from a distance you noticed a head of hair sticking out from my armpit to accompany the wave; and when we sat down to chat, I took off my shoes and the smell that hit you brought tears to your eyes, please answer sincerely, what would you do?

It is easy to judge when someone looks like they invested a little more time and effort in their appearance when we should actually judge those who do not. Cleanliness is of utmost importance, I tell people that if you invest enough in your hygiene and health, struggling to cover up flaws would not be such a burden. As a makeup artist, I am an advocate of how makeup ‘enhances the beauty you already possess’ but I tell you that we are also constantly mastering new trends on how to effectively cover up what our clients consider to be unattractive; huge pores, facial hair, a pimple, etc and this is because other people do notice these things and not in a positive way.

There are various reasons why your appearance should be important and I do not limit this to nice clothes and use of cosmetics for aesthetic enhancement

How you groom shows you regard yourself enough to invest in your health, your progress and how this affects other people. Someone who intends to thrive in both personal and business affairs recognizes the importance of overall wellness and putting your best forward.

Making good hygiene a lifestyle, almost completely dispels the pressure of hiding flaws or express solutions to imperfections or ailments. For instance all you need to stop that backache is exercise rather than daily painkillers; or a tongue scraper to get rid of the odd (not necessarily bad) smell when you talk; or washing your hair as often as required than to finish a can of hair spray when going for a party and you know you will hug people.

You will be taken seriously – Without speaking, people already know if they want to listen to what you have to say or not. You may not be given a chance to show you can deliver or add value if your presence is offensive.

People will want to be associated with you – without even giving it much thought people gravitate towards those who are nice looking, clean and come off as charming. A scruffy looking individual definitely does not look like he or she has much to offer the next person, I mean you don’t even look like you have much to offer yourself so why should I bother.

You will most likely be more confident and sure of your abilities, not merely in your dealings with others but generally enjoying your life, knowing that you are healthy, your energy level is always high and your mind clear. Because you know your mouth does not smell, you will speak up when you have something to say or in a moment of Joyful expression throw your hands in the air or just enjoy the favours of positive attention.

Your economic status has nothing to do with your cleanliness please so that is not an excuse. It is also easy to hide behind rebellion, blindly blaming society or stereotypes for how people judge appearances but you should accept that having a sense of responsibility includes how you present yourself to the world. It is a harsh reality that an impression is formed within seconds of being noticed so why not make it worthwhile for spectators and eventually beneficial to you?


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