Controversial Catholic Priest says He Is Going To “Suffer And Suffer” After He Was Transferred

Controversial Catholic priest, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has stated that he is going to “suffer and suffer” after he was posted from Christ The King Parish in Enugu to a new duty post at Our Lady Parish, Umuchigbo, Njinike, four hours away from his old parish.

Mbaka who transferred to his new station on Saturday was accompanied by hundreds of his parishioners, admirers and well wishers. “I know we are going to suffer between now and a few months to come. I am going to suffer and suffer. I know that.

Mbaka and his followers in the Adorations Ministry strongly believes that that his posting is a ‘witch hunt’.

“I’m going to suffer because I have no place to put my head. I am going to suffer because I have no place to keep the Adoration Ministry’s assets.

“I know I’m going to suffer. Fortunately, it is going to happen in the month of lent. So, I am going to use my exit here as a Lenten observance but Jesus said it all in John 16:20 to his apostles that you will be sorrowful and the world will be rejoicing but very soon I will turn your sorrow to joy.

Mbaka, having consoled himself hoped that things will get better sooner rather than later. “But for now I know you are going to suffer. The Adoration Ministry is passing through suffering right now even though I’ve accepted that is the will of God. Is the will of God through suffering? It is a mega suffering

“The quantum of the assets of the Adoration Ministry is the only thing I am bothered about for now.

“Where am I going to keep them? I am going to stay in one small room that has only one small bed, one small table, little toilet and bathroom. So where am I going to keep all the adoration assets?

“My clothing and books I can keep in the car or somebody’s house but where will I keep these assets that I have given to the Catholic church of Enugu?

“But I say may God take the glory and whoever that has offended me, I have forgiven.

“I won’t fight anybody or even dream of battling anybody. If anybody allows the devil to use him, the same that advised you to make a mistake will laugh at you when you cry over the error. The baby is born, there is no going back.

“We are moving out. We have been doing it and we will do it again. Moses was going out with a rod in his hand, Mbaka is moving out with his Bible and this nobody can take away from me.”

“I am giving God the glory and I welcome the church’s choice and action with absolute acceptance and obedience.

“So there is no negation to what God has approved and what the church suggested. Nobody should see me as a recalcitrant priest. I am not.

“I have taken an oath of obedience and I stand on it. I pray God to bless all of you who in one way or the other have supported the work of God here and those who have sincerely allowed God to use him or her for the work we did here all these years.

“God will bless the people of God here and reward you according

to your labour. The parish is not going to collapse; the church will continue to grow.”

“God has planned a future and hope out of disaster and where I am going. He will go before me to level mountains.

“The Bible says that He will deliver me from all evil; He will keep my going out and coming in both now and forever… I am praying that God will keep his church and my fellow adorers so that our journey to Umuchigbo will be a journeyof Israelites out of Egypt.

“Some of them were grumbling leaving Egyptian soil because they were having the phobia for the unknown but

I am telling you people as a courageous leader, do not be afraid.

“We are moving and in not distant time, you people are going to smile.”


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