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Ex- Militants Protest Alleged Deduction Of Monthly Stipends By Boyloaf



Ex-Niger Deltan Militants under the aegis of Gen. Boyloaf’s Boys in Delta State have protested deduction of their monthly stipends allegedly their leader, Victor Ben, also Known as Gen. Boyloaf and a commercial bank.

The Ex-Militants who carried placards with inscription such as “ FG Pls pay our money directly to our account, Boyloaf stop cutting our
money, Boro’s like you Na work with corruption APC!!! for Change,Boyloaf traitor to Niger Delta Change, EFCC pls stop Boyloaf Now, Mr. President tell Boro to our money to our account” in a peaceful protest at the premises of Zenith Bank Plc in Effurun, Uvwie L ocal Government Area of Delta State also threatened noted that their monthly earnings from the Federal Government of Nigeria since its inception from 2009 has been deducted allegedly by Gen. Boyloaf.

One of the Ex-militants, Adesi Ebi accused Gen. Boyloaf and the said commercial bank of allegedly trading with their monthly stipends
noting that he(Boyloaf) Operates an account for them without their passport photographs and signatures.

Mr. Ebi also accused Gen. Boyloaf of specifically operating a domiciliary account without their information supplied from Abuja
pointing out that they don’t know their account numbers as they were only given ATM Cards which they have been using in operating the bank accounts.

According to him, “ Boyloaf opened an account for us without our passport from Abuja and just operating it for us. in 2011 he brought
ATM Card and has just been operating it for us. giving us thirty thousand naira instead of the sixty five thousand naira.”

Mr.Ebi accused Gen. Boyloaf of allegedly paying them thirty thousand naira instead of the approved sixty five thousand naira inception of
the Amnesty Programme in Nigeria.

He also accused Gen. Boyloaf of allegedly deducting from an acclaimed one hundred and fifty thousand naira “Safety Transsition allowance
and pay the over two Ex-militants seven thousand naira instead.

Mr. Ebi also appealed to the Federal Government to open a new bank account for the Ex-militants and pay their monthly stipends directly
to them pointing out that the stigma they have received in the years past is bigger than the thirty thousand naira Gen. Boyloaf has been
paying them on behalf of the Federal Government.

Mr. Ebi noted that if the deduction of their monthly stipends continues by Gen. Boyloaf, the Ex-militanst will be might be tempted
to taking up arms in renewed struggle to liberate themselves if the criminal act by Gen. Boyloaf and the said commercial bank is not
stopped by the Federal Government.

Another Ex-Militants, Igbesakumor Oyas noted that efforts to speak with the relevant authorities to prevail on the Ex-militant leader,
Gen. Boyloaf has not yielded any result.

Mr. Oyas called on President Muhammadu Buhari to compel the Coordinator of the Amnesty Programme, Brig. Gen. Paul Tarela Boroh
(Rtd.) to pay their monthly stipends directly into bank accounts because they running out of patience.

Mr. Oyas said noted that, “Should Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh (Rtd.) fails to comply with their requests, it means he is working on behalf of the
Federal Government in connivance with Boyloaf and the commercial bank to cheat and oppress them.”

Cleopas Kelly also an Ex-militant who corroborated his colleagues said, “ we don’t want a situation where we will come back to the
streets again for agitations that why we are saying Brig. Gen. Boroh should pay our money directly to our account. as we are talking to you
now, the money is not fully paid to us. so, we want the Federal Government to listen to our cry before it is too late. As we are talking to you now, some of our leaders have not been paid. Boyloaf has even seized Douglas’s money. We are begging President Muhammadu
Buhari to interfere in this matter and stop Boyloaf from deducting our money. We want Boyloaf to stop paying our money. let Boroh pay our
money straight into our account”

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