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Failure of leadership in Niger Delta responsible for Nigeria’s problem

By Nubari Saatah Chinua Achebe once said the problem with Nigeria is simply and solely a problem of leadership. Those words, as written in his book The Trouble with Nigeria can be understood and interpreted differently. After all, perspectives are an integral part of human existence; as it is these[Read More…]

Militant group, Niger Delta Avengers threaten to attack politicians in a statement announcing a return

Niger Delta Avengers, a militant group announce the launch of an Operation targeted at crippling the Nigerian economy. NewsWireNGR recalls that, the group had almost crippled Nigeria’s economy during the first term of President Muhammadu Buhari, attacking oil installations. In a statement on Saturday, the militant group said it had[Read More…]

Nubari Saatah: A Colonisation of Nigeria’s South by the North

Colonislism is in simple terms a process of social, economic, and political control of a country by another country. The word was generally used to describe the activities, actions, and policies of European countries on mostly African countries from the 18th up until the 19th century. Considering Nigeria’s ethnic composition, it can be termed rightly as a[Read More…]

Nubari Saatah: Ogoni 9, 25 years after, what next for the Niger Delta?

Ogoni 9: 25 years after, what next for the Niger Delta? 25 years ago on 10th November 1995 when the Nigerian government extrajudiciallly murdered 9 Ogoni environmental activists with the active support of the international oil company Shell, the cover story of the Sani Abacha government was that the 9[Read More…]

Fredrick Nwabufo: Asari Dokubo, Edwin Clark, ND Avengers; why no outrage over iniquity at NDDC?

There is no executive or administrative corruption without civil partnerships. What we often see on the surface as corruption in government agencies is deeply tap-rooted — with connectors to social crusaders, polemists, activists and civic groups. Corruption in Nigeria has a long value chain. The probe of the management of the[Read More…]

Of Oil wealth, Niger Delta Politicians & the Nigerian state

by Tari Martins The Niger Delta region consist of the predominantly oil producing states in Nigeria. In general political discourse, the term Niger Delta is used interchangeably with The South-South Geopolitical Zone. Ideally, there’s no cardinal point called South-South, but for the purpose of Nigerian geopolitics, South-South refers to the[Read More…]

NDDC promise to resettle over 2 million displaced in the Niger Delta

The Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) says it will do everything possible to resettle the over two million persons displaced by flood in the Niger Delta region. Dr Cairo Ojougboh, the commission’s Executive Director of Project gave the assurance while speaking with newsmen on Tuesday in Abuja. According to him,[Read More…]

Saatah Nubari: For The Niger Delta 13% is Not Enough

I have postponed writing this for a long time—for four months to be precise—and each time I walk past an Egret that is close to losing its beautiful white colour, and gradually turning black, my conscience pricks me. The issue of environmental pollution (air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc)[Read More…]

How Shadowy Procurement Has Robbed This Small Niger Delta Town Of Healthcare

  by Mercy Abang   Down the muddy drive to Mgbele from Oguta Local Government Area sits a dilapidated building with fallen rusty brown roof, cracked walls and flaky, peeling paint and open windows obscured by overgrown weed and plants.   This abandoned building is the only Primary Healthcare Center[Read More…]

Babies Conceived Near Oil Spill Region of the Niger Delta, Die A Month After Birth

A gas flare is seen in the background as a pregnant woman dries tapioca near Utorogu flow station in Warri, southern Nigeria. Photograph: George Osodi/AP   Babies in Nigeria are twice as likely to die in the first month of life if their mothers were living near an oil spill[Read More…]