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DIGIT GALS 2023: Empowering Young Girls with Digital Skills and Breaks Barriers in Nigeria’s Tech Ecosystem



In celebration of international women’s day (IWD) 2023, Illmi Children’s Fund in partnership with Ventures Park and Dumena Technologies, hosted an event on March 8th, 2023, themed “DIGIT GALS”. The event aimed to empower young girls with digital skills, strongly focusing on embracing equity. Modern Shelter Systems and Services were the sponsors of this event.

The “DIGIT GALS” event was organized as part of an ongoing effort to promote women’s empowerment and gender equity and address the gender gap in the tech industry. The event provided a platform for young girls to connect with role models, mentors, and other tech women while learning the digital skills needed to succeed in the industry.

The event, which over 50 secondary school girls attended, featured an engaging program that included a webinar with the theme “embracing inclusivity in STEM for social impact and innovation, practical training sessions on Digital Literacy and Introduction to Coding and Robotics”, and keynote speeches by some of the leading women in tech and startups in Nigeria’s ecosystem. The goal was to help young girls in Nigeria to break barriers and thrive in the tech industry.

The event featured an impressive lineup of panellists, including Chioma Aguwuegbo, Judith Onugu and Lilian Galadima, with Aisha Augie as the moderator. The speakers shared their experiences and insights on how to break barriers and succeed in the tech industry.

Experienced trainers from Techher, an NGO dedicated to empowering women and girls in technology, led the training sessions, which guided the young girls through practical sessions on digital literacy. Dumena Technologies led the introduction to coding, robotics, and others. The sessions were designed to provide hands-on experience and equip the girls with the necessary skills to excel in the tech industry.

The girls were assigned a task, and one of the participants, Marvellous Amarachi, responded with the best approach to solving the task. She emerged as the winner of a new laptop sponsored by the Modern Shelter System and Services. Speaking after the event, Mrs Maryam Augie-Abdulmumin, the Founder of Illmi Children’s Fund, expressed her delight at the event’s success, saying, “The DIGIT GALS event was an inspiring day filled with learning and networking. We are proud to have partnered with Ventures Park and Dumena Technologies to empower young girls with digital skills and promote gender equity in the tech industry.”

The organizers also expressed their gratitude to all the speakers, trainers, and participants who made the event a huge success. They reaffirmed their commitment to promoting women’s empowerment and gender equity in Nigeria and promised to continue organizing more events and programs to achieve this goal.

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