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#Erotica101: Last Night [18+]



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Last night we did everything not right

We didn’t feel those things were wrong though

We rolled to the left and back to the right all night long

He jumped all over as his bell rung at each jump

I got those soft bites as he pumped harder. He must be a vulcanizer

Those kinds of bite that make you feel alright.

He thanked me for keeping the arena tight

Our connection was so right, we needed no antenna

As he crept up once more, a bitter thought leapt up in my mind

Last night I wondered if this was the reason I was here

We have been through this for years and seasons but my thirst seems insatiable

Now, I need something new and something fresh. Actually, I want something rare!

As I lay bare, the fear walked up to me again; ‘these things cause wear and tear’.

If he licks up the whole pear, what would be left for my probable ‘fun-pals’ and future pearl?

We went gaga once more as we rocked and rolled and made sounds like reggae from the deck

I felt weak and I wondered if he was gonna wreck my boat before daybreak

His moves last night were so militant; seems he is from the creeks

As he rolled over, the bed creaked again

Last night was a Saturday but today doesn’t feel like a Sunday

I don’t feel holy; only because of last night’s ordeals?

Last night felt so real but now it feels so surreal

My body aches and I need a meal. I need it fast

Yesterday is in the past and I don’t need a fast to prove that I am sober

I may have done things which are not proper and I don’t need such to prosper

Well, I can tell you last night’s tale was the last episode and it could have sold a million copies

Now, I am making new policies and drawing out new principles to avoid a ripple effect

This is hard but I am walking up to tell him these words and I know it would affect him adversely

But…, ‘Hey boo, Last night was our last night’


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