Nigerian Government Backs Oil Theft – Saraki Alleges

by Oluwatosin Fatoyinbo

Former Governor of Kwara State and Senator representing Kwara Central in the Upper Legislative chambers, Senator Bukola Saraki has alleged that oil theft in Nigeria is possible only because the actors have the support of the Government.

The former Governor said this today via his Twitter account.

He said “Stopping make it impossible 4 them to be able to move or sell the oil. People are stealing because they have government backing”

He also said that the All Progressives Congress if elected in 2015 will stop the illegal act.

“I say it with ALL confidence. Regardless of whoever becomes APC Presidential candidate, if HE/She becomes president. We will STOP OIL THEFT”

He further insinuated that Ghana may be the destination of oil stolen from Nigerian crude wells. He wondered how Ghana which hitherto produced 100 barrels per day suddenly began churning out 4oo barrels per day.

“Oil field in Ghana that does 100k Barrels a day, all of a sudden started delivering 400k Barrels. Now exposed 300k is Nigeria’s stolen oil”

Saraki also expressed concerned over the country’s dependence on oil and the inability of all state governments to meet their expected obligations despite the huge sum been generated from the sale of crude oil.

“At $105 per barrel for crude, Nigeria is not saving, PDP & APC states barely meeting obligations. What will happen if Crude falls below $90? he said.

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