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“Nigerians’ll Hear From Us Soon” Boko Haram Upset With Negotiator, Stephen Davis

More stunning revelations on the relationship among Boko Haram, the government and the Australian negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis, may be unveiled by the sect’s leadership this week.

The move, according to a source close to the sect, is to put the record straight and clear the air on several controversial issues contained in the interview by the Australian to the media last week.

Vanguard source said last night that the leadership of Boko Haram was upset by most of the claims made by the negotiator and was set to make a categorical position on all the issues raised by Davis in the media.

“Nigerians will soon hear from the sect leadership concerning all the issues raised by the negotiator, who, in any case was not hired by the Federal Government to dialogue with the group.

“In fact, what the man has said has really infuriated the sect leadership and they are unhappy with him,” the Nigerian negotiator said.

“As far as the sect leadership is concerned, Davis is being used by some politicians to score some points and they are ready to clear the air on the issues.

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