‘Pray For Reverend Anita’, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Addresses Divorce Controversy


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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy has finally addressed the adultery allegation leveled against him and the divorce suit his wife, Reverend Anita Oyakhilome filed against him.

He was speaking on Sunday evening  at Christ Embassy’s global communion service. He had some harsh words for the media for its covering of the divorce saga which he feels is ‘crazy’ and ‘stupid’. He noted that the bible does not support divorce but he would be left with no option if his wife insists.

Here’s what the light skinned Pastor had to say:

“I understand that some media houses particularly in Nigeria and maybe in South Africa (I don’t know) but there are some of them that have been writing some real stupid things…real stupid things, and errrrhh…frivolous charges…that’s crazy.

A man of God…you have to understand something about a Man of God. A man of God is not just someone who worships God or who preaches God. A man of God is directed by God, set on course by God. If you study the scriptures you will not find one Man of God going against God, sinning against God, the only thing you can find is a Man of God, maybe…in two different things
1. Moses for example, when he struck the rock twice, provoked by the anger of the people, not because he wanted to do something against the Lord. No Man of God does something against the Lord. Are you hearing me? No!…a Man of God is set on course, there is a type of life that he’s been given, alright?

2. Then you have a young man, a young prophet, he wasn’t named, he was deceived by another Man of God, and so he went in the direction God says don’t go.
That’s only the kind of thing you’d find about a Man of God when he misses the message of God or he acts beyond what God said. But a Man of God setting himself in defiance to the word of God and living like they (media houses) are writing those stupid things that I did this, that I did that…You don’t know what a Man of God is.. I don’t go in that direction. That’s crazy.

I wasn’t accused of those things you (media houses) said, nor did I commit those stupid thing that you said…and I don’t need to go to that level and such discussions. Jesus Christ was accused by many, with lots of frivolous charges. There would ALWAYS be those who’d like for it to be true, but you know, in spite of the accusations against Jesus, it didn’t change who he was!

There are preachers and there are Men of God. I’m not a preacher, I’m a Man of God…understand the difference. And I go in the way I’m asked to go, it may cause some troubles with individuals, but that’s not because I’ve done something wrong.

And when it comes to Rev. Anita, what I’d say to you is pray for her, don’t act like ‘why why why is she….’ . Married to a Man of God does not automatically make you Woman of God! You can make mistakes, but you know, people expect the wife of a Minister to definitely be at the level of the Minister, and so they may be looked upon and the expectations maybe like that, but it’s a positional thing! alright!

If a Man of God is married, it does not automatically mean the wife of the Man of God is therefore a Woman of God! That’s not how it is in the Bible. That’s why you don’t really find wives of Men of God listed in the bible. How many of them? Who was Peter’s wife? Did you ever know her name? You’d never find out! Who was John’s wife? Did you ever read the name? What about all the other apostles? How many are registered in the bible? You never find their names, why? Ask God when you find HIM! (smiles)

So, they are little things, don’t try to make something big out of them, and emmm.. we’re journeying, doing the things that God’s called us to do…Christians should not have a divorce, it shouldn’t be, but you see, that doesn’t mean a Christian may not take the step. They may do it, but that doesn’t make it right. And we shouldn’t take one another to court, but when it happens, not because we wanna go there, someone is taking us there.

That’s a problem, be wise, stay focused in the Word of God, and don’t let those who want to feast on things like this including Christians. You know there are Christians who like things like this, they wanna make something big about it. You should only say those things that are from God, and become honorable in your speech, Alright! …and judge nothing before the time…be wise, Glory to God.

So we are going greater and greater and greater by the power of the living Christ. Hallelujah! So, we are not walking in sin and living in sin and hoping we can mix sin and righteousness together, NO!, we are the manifestations of His righteousness, we walk in that light only, and that’s the way it’s gonna be! Glory to God”

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  1. Thank you Pastor Chris for enlightened the eyes of our understanding. We are more than conquerors through him that love us.


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