Supreme Igbo Security Council Endorses President Jonathan For 2015 Elections

A group,  Supreme Igbo Security Council (ISIC) under the umbrella of Ohanaeze -Ndigbo has endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan for re-election come 2015. SISC endorsed the President at a press conference in Abuja.

The SISC President, Bobby Ukadike said President Jonathan just like every Nigerian who has been elected has the right to also seek re-election and should therefore be allowed a second term in office. He revealed that former Presidents from the North and West also embarked on two terms and should realise that it was not their turn in 2015 to seek for the post of President. In his words:

“We in Supreme Igbo Security Council, SISC, want to tell Nigerians that since the independence of this country in October 1960, which is 53 years ago, the North had ruled Nigeria for 40 years, while the South West ruled Nigeria for almost 12 years.
“Therefore it is not the turn of the North to rule Nigeria now, and it is not the turn of the South West also to rule Nigeria. President Goodluck Jonathan should be allowed to do his second term. Moreover he is still giving the dividends of democracy and promising more to Nigerians despite the security challenges and insurgency in the North.”

Ukadike also stated clearly that after President Jonathan must have completed his second tenure in 2019, it would become the turn of an Igbo man to become Nigeria’s next President. He also opined that Igbos have not been treated duly as regards national issues.

“It is the turn of Ndigbo to produce the next President of Nigeria in 2020 immediately after President Jonathan’s second term in office. And that an Igbo man succeeds President Jonathan is a must.

“That if the Igbos are not giving their fair turn to produce the President of Nigeria immediately after President Jonathan’s second term in office, then we will come to an inevitable conclusion that the Igbos are not wanted in Nigeria and then the unavoidable consequences will be everyone to his tent, because we have endured enough. This is our final resolution and it is not negotiable,”

SISC as an organisation also called on the Boko Haram sect to drop their arms and dialogue with the Federal Government so as to end the current insurgency in the North-East of Nigeria

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