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Re: Retraction Of Story And Apology To Pastor Tunde Bakare



Tope Adebayo LLP

Dear Sir,

This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter on the above subject matter.

At newswirengr we maintain a high level of discipline and professionalism in publishing stories. We work with a pool of freelance journalists and in-house reporters for our contents.

We have investigated your complaints and have found to our disappointment, and regret, that our platform was misled by the correspondent who filed the report from Lagos.
We asked him for explanation, and he admitted that he was not present where the purported comments were made. He said he was informed of the comments by another journalist.
We regret this unfortunate development. We hold Pastor Tunde Bakare in high esteem and did not deliberately set out to defame or embarrass him.

We have activated an internal disciplinary process over this matter. And we sincerely apologise to Pastor Bakare.

We will retract the story and will publish this apology on our website.

As a result of this incident, we are reviewing our gatekeeping process with a view to ensuring that a more rigorous scrutiny are done before stories are published.

We like to assure Pastor Bakare and all our readers that at newswirengr our focus remains reporting the news truthfully and objectively and in a way that helps our readers to make informed decisions.

Thank you sir.

Dia Zamani

For Newswirengr

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