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Convicted Militant, Henry Okah Attempts To Escape In South African Prison



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Convicted Niger Delta militant Henry Okah failed in an effort to escape prison near Johannesburg according to a spokesman.

The former leader of the Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, Henry Okah, who was found guilty on thirteen counts of act of terrorism, was caught making an attempt to interrupt out of the Leeuwkop jail in Johannesburg.

According to reports, Okah was the leader of a pack of 5 inmates making an attempt the escape.

Among his accomplices was ill-famed South African guilty serial aggressor and murderer, Jaco Steyn, who is serving 5 life sentences additionally to a a hundred and seventy year sentence.

Okah was on March twenty six, 2013 sent to twenty four years in jail by a South African court sitting in Johannesburg.

The judge, Neels Claassen, found Okah guilty of thirteen offences, together with the setting off of 2 bombs in Abuja and Warri, Delta State, on Oct 1, 2010. He was conjointly sentenced for threatening the South African government when his arrest.

More details of the attempted escape will be made available..

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