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“Beware Of Pastors… Pastors Beware!” New Book Takes A Swipe At Ignorant Christians




Friday January 24, 2013



Marketing guru, pastor and writer, Kola Oyeyemi has released another thought provoking book titled “Beware of Pastors… Pastors Beware!”
“Beware of Pastors… Pastors Beware!” addresses the ongoing discussion about Nigerian pastors and Christian worshippers which critics have described as worshipping man instead of God.

Published by Trendy Publishing LLC, the book portrays in simple terms the dangers of ignorance in the life of a Christian, which provides a platform for false prophets to thrive on.
”False prophets thrive on the ignorance and or laziness of the believer. The desire of the believer for instant miracles and his unwillingness to embrace the responsibilities consequent upon his new birth makes him a captive of the wolves in cassock”
The book declared that man is a product of a network of beings and so require relationships with fellow beings to live fulfilling lives. It however warned that relationships never leave you the same way. They affect you either positively or negatively. They either build up your virtues or lead you into vices. He therefore advocated a clear rule of engagement in any relationship so each party knows the terms of their relationship. For a relationship to be a win-win one however, whether it is spiritual or physical, he reiterated that there must be a commonality of being or purpose.

“Every good relationship is driven by a commonality of being and/or purpose. The beings must either be identical in nature or in purpose. This is what creates a win-win relationship. Where this commonality does not exist, what you often get is a win-lose situation, where the party with inadequate information or power suffers.”

The eighty-page book broken into seven chapters, critically reviews the weaknesses in the body of Christ and the strength it takes to conquer such obstacles by building on the foundation that Christ has laid.

He also examines forces out to destroy Ministers of God and how pastors can take heed in order to ensure they remain standing.

“Good Ministers of the Gospel are at risk from five different, but close relationship quarters…”

“Beware of Pastors… Pastors Beware!” has been heralded by numerous pundits as a breakthrough in Christian literature, praising the author’s brutal honesty and the impact it will have on most young people and non-Christians. Toni Kan, Best selling author of Nights of the Creaking Bed says, “the book is stunningly simple and very well written, it’s imperative for anyone seeking to sharpen their discerning ability”.

The book is not only intended for pastors and Christians but also for the unsuspecting non – believer.

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