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2015 Elections: I Won’t Appoint My Successor – Liyel Imoke



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The Governor of Cross River State Governor, Liyel Imoke has made a huge political statement by revealing he won’t appoint a successor in 2015.

The Governor revealed this on Tuesday when he hosted the state’s Elders’ Consultative Forum at Government House in Calabar.

He said he was particularly worried about the pressure from some persons and the media which has been urging him to anoint his successor. He revealed he was not a party to imposing candidates on the people.

In his words:

“I have seen publications where people say let the governor announce his candidate. For me, that is not democracy and it is not the right kind of politics. I believe strongly that even that process of producing the governor should be one that all of us own or can lay claim to.

“We should allow candidates who will say that they have met with the senatorial zones, elders, the caucuses and groups and we have discussed, and then the people will assess them based on their credentials, capacity and vision.”

Imoke said the Office Of The Governor was too big to be personalized

“But when people stand up and say ‘I want to be governor by hook or by crook,’ we get worried and ask what is all that for? What is the motive? Is it a private or collective agenda and how do we sustain this in a very challenging environment?” he asked rhetorically

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