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We Are Winning The War Against Phishing & Spam Emails –Google



By Perkins Abaje

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Search engine giant, GoogleTM on Friday disclosed in a blog post published that the long way against phishing and spam emails is coming to an end soon.

Part of the post reads…

“Since 2004, industry groups and standards bodies have been working on developing and deploying email authentication standards to prevent email impersonation. At its core, email authentication standardizes how an email’s sending and receiving domains can exchange information to authenticate that the email came from the rightful sender Google security researchers Elie Bursztein and Vijay Eranti said in the post.

“91.4% of non-Spam emails sent to Gmail users come from authenticated senders, which helps Gmail filter billions of impersonating email messages a year from entering our users’ inboxes. More specifically, the 91.4% of the authenticated non-Spam emails sent to Gmail users come from senders that have adopted one or more of the following email authentication standards: DKIM (DomainKey Identified Email) or SPF (Sender Policy Framework).” They added.

If Google can hold this down, then the road to winning the war against Spam emails and other Internet security threats through sophisticated methods of authentication is near completion, but the wait to see an absolute threat-free Internet will continue.

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