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Pastor Chris Okotie Sent Over 1.2 Billion Catholics Including The Pope To Hell Through His Sermon




Photo Credit: Daily Post

Rev. Chris Okotie left a lot of worshipers shocked on Sunday when he revealed in his sermon that all Catholics in the World are destined for hell as they worship Satan and are led by an Anti-Christ Pope. This is what the former Presidential candidate said while preaching at his Household of God Church in Ikeja suburb of Lagos. He said the catholic church is a counterfeit church set up by Satan.

He went on to reveal that Catholics “bow to idols and crucify Jesus every Sunday when they eat bread claiming they are eating Jesus’ body”.

The former secular singer poured fuel on fire when he also revealed that Catholics are not Christians and have never been to the bewilderment of his congregatiom

“They are not Christians and have never been,” 

“They don’t know Jesus. They believe that when they eat bread on Sundays, they are eating the body of Jesus. It’s ritual,” 

The Pastor who not so long ago divorced his former wife went on to tag the Pontiff of The Catholic Church, Pope Francis as the Anti-Christ. He said the Pope does  the work of the devil

“The pope is an Anti-Christ and the Catholic church will soon declare for Satan. This is the end of times,” Okotie fired on.

He urged the members of his church to help bring salvation to Catholics by evangelisation. Chris Okotie also revealed he was not being disrespectful but just speaking the word of God.

He went on to suggest that former Pope,  John Paul II had handed the Catholic church to Mary, the earthly mother of Jesus Christ instead of Jesus. He  kept on going ballistic as he also went on to tell his congregation that Catholics do not worship the Christ in the Bible

It is clear to Chris Okotie that the over 1.2 Billion catholics in the world have just one destination; hell fire.

“They don’t believe in heaven. They believe in purgatory, the purgatory that they invented,” .

“That church, the Catholic church has been there for Satan and at the right time, they will declare for Satan,”Okotie said.

The garrulous Pastor said a beauty pageant will also take place in his church next Sunday. His yearly grace programme where he makes donations to charity will also take place next Sunday

He also said his yearly “Grace programme” where he makes donations to charity organisations will also take place next Sunday.

Pastor Chris Okotie is not new to controversies.  He once revealed the devil told him he was going to be a preacher. At another time, he said Pastor T.B Joshua is the son of the devil and will go to hell with his followers.

It is interesting to note that Pastor Okotie had claimed to be anointed as Nigeria’s President twice and those prophecies have not come to pass or are still pending

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