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‘D’Acero’, A Nigerian Brand Management Company



By Ndidi Ekeh

In today’s competitive environment, it is important for organizations to understand the environment they operate, strategies they intend to adopt to reach their clients and possible ways of increasing market share. A strong brand is likely to withstand competition with higher return on investment than other industry rivals or poor brands.A successful brand is therefore an identifiable product, service, person, or place, augmented in such a way that the buyer or user perceives relevant, unique, sustainable added values, which match their needs most closely (Chartered Institute of Marketing UK., 2011).
Many organizations have realized the need for customer engagement through the utilization of different multisensory media platforms. Some creative agencies have been set up to help companies to achieve this purpose and D’Acero is one of them.
Founded by Olayinka Thomas-Ogboja, D’Acero is a brand management company with core competences in concept generation, print and marketing collaterals, digital design and branded promotional gift items.
They have an impressive clientele base ranging from government agencies, financial institutions to large local corporates and international institutions. They have managed to penetrate all tiers of the country.
Thinking of D’Acero as steroid for your brand would not be farfetched as they maximize skill and innovation to project your brand across and over the noise of today’s competition. They understand that the growth of a company is based on its ability to reach new clients while also maintaining existing relationships with the old ones, hence they strive to steer your brand towards the right direction.
Whether you are along the creative path of your new or already existing venture, be it ideation, promotion, branding, printing of marketing collateral etc, D’Acero remains your one stop shop.
Finally as the CEO regularly says, be warned because flirting with D’Acero might lead to a lifelong romance.

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