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Tahir Sherriff: Is The Ban On AIT A Reflection Of The Generals Dark Past?

Like Buhari’s many commendable qualities that conspired to reward him with the illustrious title of President-Elect in March this year, his personal qualities of resilience, of determination, of honesty and of frugality, can easily be outmatched by his single most feared quality; the quality of a dark past. One of[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: Do Casualty Figures From Boko Haram Attacks Need More Verification?

Chadian Soldiers Celebrating Victory From Damasak on Wednesday..(Photo Credit: AP) Make no mistake; the numbers that are churned out every day about the Boko haram massacre is as frightening as it is heart-breaking. But what is worse, what is confusing and mostly un-imaginable to a sound mind, is perhaps the[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: Will Muhammadu Buhari End The Economic Slavery Of Northern Youths?

Before the rise of Boko Haram, if you had traveled through the northern hemisphere of Nigeria and seen the millions of jobless youths, idle families and homeless children, you would have guessed by yourself that the region was a ticking bomb. Should General Muhammadu Buhari emerge as president of Nigeria[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: On The Border-Lines Of A Military Take-Over In Nigeria

One thing is certain; no one knows where this country is headed. Not the president, the media, the international community or the people on the street. But another frightening possibility that has begun to take shape in the hearts of common people on the street is that of a military[Read More…]

Tahir Sherrif: 2015 Politics, Power Shift & Democracy

One of the fundamental arguments which have driven the political culture of Nigeria has been that of power shift. Although this concept is one that many Nigerian historians have described as a superficial political slogan, it played, and continues to play a crucial role in canvassing for votes in elections[Read More…]

Tahir Sherriff: Re: Buhari Will Never Be President In 2015, The Reluctant Theory

I have recently read Iniobong Umohs piece on who is likely to emerge as president in 2015 where he postulates a Reluctant Theory that erases Kwankwaso, Buhari and Atiku into a conclusion that Jonathan will emerge again. It will be easy to accept such a theory, especially given how it[Read More…]

Tahir Sherrif: Nigeria’s Northeast In A Shakespearean Dilemma

Few have lived in this world without a similarity to Hamlets ‘sling of arrows’ to his endless description of lifes ‘heart-aches’, ‘sea of troubles’ or ‘thousand natural shocks’. These have become huddles of everyday living. But for Nigerians in the boiling north-east region, the question ‘to be’, or ‘not to[Read More…]

Tahir Sherrif: Why We Must Not Worry About Religious Ticketing

Great Zik of Africa began with two years, three hundred and nineteen days as Governor General, and followed it immediately with another two years, one hundred and seven days as President of Nigeria. Ironsi followed suit with merely a hundred and seventy seven days in office, he however paved the[Read More…]

Tahir Sherrif: Change Over Crisis And Controversy, GMB Can Turn The Tides

Far too often, political coverage has been based on the thinking of friends and political allies and doesn’t pay enough attention to what the voters are actually thinking. For instance, how does General Muhammadu Buhari maintain his audience, who keep putting their thumbs to vote as well as staying ready[Read More…]

NewsWireNGR Examines Jonathan, 2015 And The Fictitious Leaders Of The North

By Tahir Sherrif The Jonathanian era is one which will go down in Nigeria’s history books. It will be written in great words, describing lofty achievements from the most humble of beginnings. But perhaps, hidden within each page, may be an eerie silence about the unexpected rise of a powerful[Read More…]