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Nigeria Is A Country Of Two Nations, The Poor North & Rich South Says Northern Governors

Northern governors under the auspices of the Northern State Governors Forum said yesterday that they are working hard to restore and revive the legacies left behind by the late Premier of the north, Sir Ahmadu Bello as they pointed out disparity between the North and South. Speaking on behalf of[Read More…]

Opinion: The Words Of A Haramite And The Perfidy Of The ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Campaign

”When I say that the Presidency must come to the north next year I am referring to the Hausa-Fulani core north and not any northern Christian or Muslim minority tribe. The Christians in the north are nothing and the muslim minorities in the north know that when we are talking[Read More…]

Femi Aribisala: Who Believes The Lie That There Are More People In The North Than South

Everything turns upside down in Nigeria. Logic becomes illogical. Wisdom becomes foolishness. Two plus two becomes seven. Hospitals become mortuaries. Stealing is not corruption. Education is a sin. In Nigeria, so many things fly in the face of simple commonsense. One major example is the ridiculous idea that, by some[Read More…]

Opinion: Why We Should Split Nigeria Now

By Damola Awoyokun Sardauna of Sokoto and Obafemi Awolowo used to be good friends. They visited each other a lot and Sardauna was very keen to implement Awolowo’s policies only if he told him before hand. Once NPC won the December 1951 Northern regional elections, it was AG which had won[Read More…]

Southern Kaduna Massacre, Death Toll Hits 200, More Villages Attacked

More communities were attacked yesterday in communities in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State, killing over 40 despite the presence of soldiers and policemen in the area, the National President of Ninzom Progressive Youths (NPY), Mr Bezard Wuyah, tells SundayTrust. The attack on the Ninzom villages between Thursday, Friday[Read More…]

Islamic Courts In Bauchi Secretly Release 7 Gay Suspects

KANO (AFP) – Two Islamic courts in northern Nigeria have secretly released on bail seven men on trial for allegedly breaking the law on homosexuality, a prison official and a court clerk said on Friday. The seven were among a dozen men formally charged by the Bauchi State Sharia Commission[Read More…]

The Economist: Gentlemen In Northern Nigeria

By G.P AS THE sun sets in Kano, a city in northern Nigeria, four men shoo goats and chickens off a three-walled court modelled on a space on the side of the chapel at Eton, the English boarding school. Stripping down to immaculate white vests, the men bounce around for a game of[Read More…]

Babangida Aliyu: From Nationalist To Northern Irredentist?

By John Ainofenokhai When I read the news report a few days ago credited to Governor Muazu Babangida Aliyu that he would release very soon, a list of 400 northerners that the presidency plans to bribe to secure 2015 elections in almost all the newspapers, it was clear that the[Read More…]