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5 natural ways to control premature ejaculation and last longer in bed

If you think taking Viagra is safe, think again! The drug has been linked to multiple deaths of men with an underlying cardiovascular issue. Still don’t believe? Below is an excerpt from a published work on PubMed; “Sildenafil (Viagra) has been linked to 240 deaths (128 verified, 112 unverified) reported[Read More…]

Nigerian Senate Rejects Bill To Grant Women Same Rights As Men; Prohibit Violence Against Women

The Nigerian senate has rejected a bill designed to grant women the same marital rights as their husbands. Making his contribution to the debate on ‘A Bill Seeking Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence against Women’ presented by Abiodun Olujimi, a senator from Ekiti state, Ali Ndume, senate leader, urged[Read More…]

Indang Alibi: Are Men Dangerous Animals?

Last week, using statistics supplied from the USA itself, we looked at the parlous family institution in that country and concluded that the USA is a good example of a country which has fallen victim to what is often described as the End Times satanic agenda to destroy the family.[Read More…]