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Indang Alibi: Are Men Dangerous Animals?



Last week, using statistics supplied from the USA itself, we looked at the parlous family institution in that country and concluded that the USA is a good example of a country which has fallen victim to what is often described as the End Times satanic agenda to destroy the family. We talked about a law in that country supposedly meant to protect women and children from men bullies but which in reality has castrated and defanged men and turned them into effeminate, toothless bull dogs, lacking both the authority and power to act as effective heads of households as ordained by God. The result of that, we said, is reflected in the grim statistics we supplied which showed the steady disintegration of the family in that God-distanced country.
This week, we are looking at a part of that aforementioned satanic agenda which is manifested in the current world-wide vociferous campaign by NGOs, feminist organisations, activists of all hues and even governments to demonise men and make them look like ogres most dangerous to the health, safety and general wellbeing of women and girls.
The campaign is being waged mostly by ‘liberated’ women and a few of their castrated men sympathisers who wish to be seen as politically correct and its central theme is what they call ‘’abusive men’’, men who are said to love abusing women physically, sexually and psychologically. You put on your TV  to watch some interesting movies, or tune your radio to listen to some important happenings around you and the world or open pages of newspapers to read some interesting and insightful commentaries and what may assault your sensibility instead may be a discussion programme or a story on ‘’abusive men’’. The way they talk endlessly about this issue, you get the impression that apart from pandemics like AIDS and Ebola, ‘’abusive men’’ has become another dreaded disease that has come upon man, more appropriately upon the feminine gender.
In this campaign, ALL men are portrayed as insensitive brutes and dangerous animals fit only for the zoo who take delight in raping and brutalizing women they should be loving and protecting. They take a few scattered incidents perpetrated by either ignorant or maladjusted men, aggregate them and magnify them out of proportion and then use them to generalize and make it look like it is all men who rape or inflict physical or psychological trauma on women. They urge women and girls who have been raped or beaten to come out and speak of their woes as if doing so will solve the problem. They ask victims to report to the police so that their husbands or men can be arrested, convicted and jailed as if the solution laid in vengeance.
They have succeeded in their mindless campaign in creating an atmosphere of hate between men and women. What this is in aid of some of us do not really know. One feels as if a war of the sexes has been declared. And the war propaganda is to demonise the enemy-men- as much as possible. And the aim is to ask for laws and actions that will make men effeminate as is now the case in the USA. For some of us, the ultimate goal is to destroy the family.
Let us be honest about some of these things some have taken as a career to rile against today: rape, beating of women by men, arm robbery. These social ills have been with man since the creation of the world. In the days of Prophet Moses, there was rape. If that ill did not exist, Moses would not have received a law from God prohibiting it. In the days of Jesus Christ, there was arm robbery. If it did not exist, Christ would not have told the parable of the Good Samaritan who was robbed and brutalized by arm robbers and left for dead.
The truth is that in our world today these ills have assumed more horrifying dimensions for a number of clearly explainable reasons. Take rape for instance. Late marriages, close settlement patterns and thus close proximity between the sexes, lack of modesty in dressing by some women, our general lack of concern about morality on the part of both men and women, the general culture of obscenity and pornography which makes the whole atmosphere perpetually charged with sex and a host of others are responsible for the rising cases of rape. It is not that men have suddenly become more beastly or that they held an all men’s meeting somewhere and decided that men must abuse women.
What this means or what it calls for is that our researchers and thinkers should try to identify the various causes of these worrisome ills; thereafter, it will be the task of leaders to take steps to correct them through education and other rational ways. The solution does not lie in talking endlessly about them and trying to blame one sex for the woes. It takes two to tango. The relationship between men and women is unique. It is unlike any other type. We often have two or more strangers from sometimes completely different backgrounds who have decided to co-habit for life. There is bound to be occasional causes of friction. Our people have a saying that there is no way the many cooking utensils in the kitchen cannot rub against one another without making noise.
For instance when you dare to suggest to women that the dressing of some of them contributes to the rising cases of rape, they will not want you to dare mention that. They tell you women dress to please themselves and not to invite undue attention to themselves and that men who claim to be affected by some kind of indecent dressing are brutes who lack self-control. This attitude is quite unhelpful. A real problem that affects people cannot be dismissed in this off-hand manner.
Take another issue of wife beating. At the root of most family fights is economic hardship quite often created by poor political leadership. Women should be taught to be more sympathetic to their husbands. Look women, it is not easy for men out there. Some do their best. It is just that their best is not always good enough and women must show some understanding instead of daily verbal assaults flung at their men which do not solve any problem. If anything they worsen the matter for everybody. The family institution is more protective of women and children than it is of the men. Women in my view therefore bear a greater responsibility to do everything to ensure that their homes do not scatter. Instead of asking for laws that will make men get to jail who abuse their wives, women will suffer even much more. Wife beating, rape and other ills against women have been on since time immemorial and they are not likely to end until kingdom comes. The solution does not lie in carrying on as if some war of the sexes has been declared. Education, enlightenment or proper socialization is what will help to minimize those incidents. Those who have made it their career to fight those ills should avert their minds to this singular most important weapon and stop assaulting us with a vile campaign that will destroy the family by unnecessarily creating a state of war between men and women. Both sexes surely need each other.


Article written by Indang Alibi


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