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Condoms for Men, Sanitary Pads for Women? The Question of Period Poverty in Nigeria

by Abigail Anaba It is called Period Poverty. It refers to the inability of girls from low-income households to afford sanitary towels during their monthly period or menstruation – a four-day to one week period within each lunar month when women and girls discharge blood and other materials from their[Read More…]

‘Feminist’ Says She Aborted Baby Because It Was A Boy

A blogger has claimed that she aborted her baby when she discovered it was a boy because of bad experiences with men, reports Metro UK. In her blog, the author, known only as Lena, wrote that she found out she was pregnant in 2012 and describes the father as ‘the[Read More…]

Macaulay Babajide Milton: FEMINISM: The New Form Of Extremism!

If after reading the title of this article, you say to yourself, “Not again. Male chauvinists!!!” Then you are indeed a feminist! And this article is specially written for you. As expected, some paragraphs may bore you out because it exposes some of your weaknesses, but if you can manage[Read More…]

Indang Alibi: Are Men Dangerous Animals?

Last week, using statistics supplied from the USA itself, we looked at the parlous family institution in that country and concluded that the USA is a good example of a country which has fallen victim to what is often described as the End Times satanic agenda to destroy the family.[Read More…]