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‘Nnamdi Kanu threatened me and my family’ – Joe Igbokwe claims

Lagos State Governor’s aide and APC Chieftain, Joe Igbokwe, says the arrested IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu had threatened him and his family prior to the arrest. Igbokwe made the allegations in a statement on Tuesday titled ‘Thank God I survived Nnamdi Kanu’s madness’. According to Igbokwe, Kanu had sought his[Read More…]

Joe Igbokwe: How The Judiciary Burnt Its Fingers

Many Nigerian may think that the menace, rascality and corruption in the judiciary started just yesterday. No it did not. It dates back to the 90s. Let me tell you how one Justice Ikpeme, a woman worked with the then President Babangida and Chief Arthur Nzeribe of the Association of[Read More…]

Joe Igbokwe: Igbo Ethnic Bigotry And Hate Campaigns Worry Me

Ever since President Buhari won the 2015 Presidential elections he was destined to win having labored in 2003, 2007, 2011 and then 2015 a very vast preponderance of South South and South East indigenes have descended on the President, pouring invective, calling him names, abusing his person and his exalted[Read More…]

APC Joins Millions of Lagosians To Celebrate The Emergence of Oil In Lagos State Says Joe Igbokwe

Lagos APC Celebrates As Lagos Hits Oil With joy unspeakable full of glories and thanksgiving, Lagos APC joins millions of Lagosians to celebrate the emergence of oil in the land of aquatic splendor, and limitless opportunities. In a release signed by State Publicity Secretary Mr. Joe Igbokwe the Party says[Read More…]

“A Full-scale War Imminent In The Niger Delta ” – 15 Quotes From APC Spokesman’s Article, Joe Igbokwe As He Spits Fire

Joe Igbokwe is the Lagos state All Progressives Congress, Spokesman.. Here are the takeaway from his article on the Niger Delta and the resurgence of Militant groups. 1) A full-scale war is imminent in the Niger Delta, and it is going to be bloody and destructive. 2) Yar’Adua was compelled[Read More…]

Joe Igbokwe: Danger As Corruption Creeps Into The Supreme Court Of Nigeria

The Supreme Court decision that upheld the dubious and fraudulent elections that took place in Rivers, AkwaIbom and Abia States has sent a dangerous signal to the political landscape and at once put a question mark on anti corruption project of President Buhari’s administration. I was stunned into disbelief that[Read More…]

Joe Igbokwe: No Tears For Senator Bukola Saraki

One of the biggest problems facing Nigeria today is impunity. It has led to corruption, arrogance, brigandage, deep political crisis and outright murder. This pandemic disease has led to near collapse of our economy, collapse of values, collapse of institutions and collapse of governance. This high table mentality in Nigeria[Read More…]

Governor Ambode Appoints Joe Igbokwe Chairman, Wharf Landing Fee Collecting Authority, 3 Others

Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on Thursday appointed new heads of four Lagos agencies namely the Lagos State Safety Commission, Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Authority (LASIMRA), the Water Regulatory Board and Wharf Landing Fee Collecting Authority. The Lagos APC publicity secretary, Joe Igbokwe, who used to be the General[Read More…]

Apologise Within 7 Days Or Face Yoruba Gods, OPC Tells APC’s Spokesman, Joe Igbokwe

The Oodua Peoples Congress, OPC, has asked the Lagos state publicity secretary of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Joe Igbokwe, to apologise within seven days for his comments on OPC or incur the wrath of Yoruba gods. The director of media and publicity of the OPC, Yinka Oguntimeyin, said Mr.[Read More…]

Joe Igbokwe: Empty Treasury Awaits General Buhari

If PDP and the President had known that they may not make it in the 2015 presidential elections, I am dead sure they would not have looted our treasury with reckless abandon. If they had known that the bubble will burst in March 28 2015 presidential elections, I bet they[Read More…]