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BBC Africa Eye Investigation uncovers Nigeria’s unfair, corrupt system which leaves elderly people penniless

Estimated Reading Time: 1An investigation by BBC Africa Eye has uncovered corruption in the retirement system in Nigeria. In a statement, the BBC said the pension system in Nigeria is an unfair and corrupt system which leaves some elderly people sick and penniless. The documentary revealed politicians are being offered outrageous[Read More…]

INVESTIGATION: Disturbing Tales of How Nigerian Authorities Are Shrinking Civic and Media Space

Estimated Reading Time: 16NewsWireNGR’s Investigative journalist, Ridwan Yusuf spent 6 weeks looking into how the Nigerian government is shrinking the civic and media space. He tracked institutions attacked by the government, individuals harassed, attacked, and jailed, then also proceeded to inquire into websites being censored via Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) – a type of Cyber Attack[Read More…]