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“House rent and food when u stayed in my house in Atlanta” – Davido’s Rebuttal to Dammy Krane’s debt claims



In an ongoing saga of financial disputes, Dammy Krane has maintained a relentless campaign, alleging that Davido owes him a substantial sum of money.

Early friday, he took his grievances to his social media platform, where he not only trolled Davido but also laid out a detailed account of the debts he claims Davido has incurred.

He even went a step further, revealing that he had filed a formal petition against Davido at a police station approximately a year ago.

In response, Davido, in his characteristic straightforward manner, clarified his stance on the matter.

He asserted that he had never received payment for the three verses he had contributed to one of Dammy Krane’s songs nearly a decade ago.

This disclosure adds a new layer to the ongoing controversy, as the two artists continue to air their grievances publicly.

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