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“I’m Sorry”- IVD begs as Blessing CEO threatens



Following Blessing Okoro, aka Blessing CEO’s threat to expose his secrets, Ikechukwu Ogbonna, aka IVD, has finally reacted.

IVD, the car dealer, ignited a storm of reactions across social media platforms with a surprising twist—a public apology extended to Blessing CEO amidst their tumultuous online feud. The automotive entrepreneur, initially pushed into the limelight when he vehemently denied her sensational claim that Davido owed him a staggering N4.5 million as a balance for Isreal DMW’s car, had quite the tale to tell.

As the digital drama escalated, Blessing CEO unleashed a fiery tirade, vowing to take IVD head-on while unraveling the enigmatic secrets he had guarded. In a bold move, she followed through on her threats, tearing into her rumored lover and compelling him to respond.

In a rather unexpected turn of events, IVD took to his Instagram story, penning a short yet poignant message. With an air of humility, he issued an apology, acknowledging his failure to keep Blessing CEO informed about the developments following Davido’s payment. He also expressed gratitude to all who had reached out to check on him during this chaotic chapter of his life.

This intriguing twist in the tale exemplifies the dynamic nature of online feuds, where emotions can run high one moment and sentiments can take an unexpected turn in the next. The unfolding saga continues to captivate and mystify digital audiences, reminding us that online dramas are often filled with unforeseen plot twists.

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