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Meet Sochima Chukwudi, Nigerian student with highest SAT score



A Nigerian student, Sochima David Chukwudi, has surpassed the highest score recorded by a Nigerian student in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), hence setting a new one.

Chukwudi is a student of the Nigerian Tulip International College (NTIC). He scored 1590 out of the maximum score of 1600 points.

SAT is taken by high school juniors and seniors applying to colleges and universities. This exam can be taken internationally six times during the year.

According to records, the highest score ever recorded by a Nigerian student is 1510/1600.

This means that Chukwudi now proudly holds the record of the highest scorer in the quite competitive and challenging test.

Speaking after the win, Chukwudi, a scholarship student from Annual National Mathematics Competition (ANMC), an annual national mathematics competition organized by NTIC, said: “There are many preparatory options and materials, but I believe that apart from the great supports from my teachers, self-study is the best way to go.

“There were two major factors that played out in this outstanding score. Firstly it was the grace of GOD that saw me through and secondly was intensive reading, determination and hard work.

“It took me months of reading, studying, preparing and practicing for this exam. I also used a lot of websites materials to practice and understand what the SAT is all about.

“I can also say for sure that I had a lot of sleepless nights and I am grateful to GOD that those nights paid off.

“The most important thing in passing this exam (SAT) is focus. I believe that anyone writing the SAT should have it in mind that this outstanding score does not come so easily because it will require your time, focus, determination, setting of goals, resilience, energy, patience, practice and prayers. Preparing for the exam is tiring and stressful especially the sleepless nights but never give up on yourself and do lots of reading rather than engaging in irrelevant things

“I am actually extremely grateful to my NTIC teachers for putting the pieces of me together, especially in my academics. In short NTIC is wow. They are and will remain the best. I really appreciate their effort because my story can’t be complete without them.

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