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UK government lists dangers of Artificial Intelligence



The UK government says it plans to address the risks posed by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), including its possible use to create biological weapons, at the AI Safety Summit to be held in November.

The UK government disclosed this in a statement on Monday

“There are two particular categories of risk that we are focusing on: 1. Misuse risks, for example where a bad actor is aided by new AI capabilities in biological or cyber-attacks, development of dangerous technologies, or critical system interference.

“Unchecked, this could create significant harm, including the loss of lives and loss of control – risks that could emerge from advanced systems that we would seek to be aligned with our values and intentions,” the government said.

The most serious risks are posed by “frontier AI,” the most capable models that are potentially dangerous and can be used to cause harm, according to the statement.

The ultimate goal of the summit is to identify the risks and define a safe path for AI development that will benefit the entire planet, the UK government added.

The summit will also encourage international cooperation between governments, academics, and private companies.

The first global AI summit will be held in the city of Milton Keynes from Nov. 1-2.

The summit will bring together government representatives from different countries, leading tech companies, and experts in the field.

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said China had been also invited to the event, in spite of concerns about competition between the West and Beijing in AI development.

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