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Retired Supreme Court Justice Mary Peter-Odili Refutes Claims of Election Tribunal Manipulation in Favor of President Tinubu



Retired Supreme Court Justice Mary Peter-Odili has emphatically denied the startling allegation that she is engaged in clandestine negotiations with judges from both the Court of Appeal and the apex court. The alleged purpose of these negotiations is said to be securing a favorable judgment for President Bola Tinubu at the fiercely contested election petition tribunal.

This twist in the unfolding political saga arises from a legal challenge lodged by key figures in Nigerian politics. Atiku Abubakar, the formidable presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), as well as Peter Obi, the flagbearer of the Labour Party (LP), and the Allied Peoples Movement (AP), have jointly mounted an audacious challenge against the outcome of the pivotal February 25th poll. The election, which saw the triumph of President Tinubu, has been fiercely contested before the tribunal.

The allegations of undue influence and manipulation were ignited by a tweet from Jackson Ude, an active user on Twitter’s bustling political discourse. Ude claimed that Peter-Odili was covertly assisting President Tinubu in obtaining a favorable judgment through the election petition tribunal.

Responding to these grave allegations, Mary Peter-Odili issued a resounding rebuttal through a press statement signed by her spokesperson, Felix Enebeli. The statement labeled the claims as both “false and malicious,” marking a firm stance against the tides of misinformation. Enebeli went on to express the gravity of the situation, emphasizing the potential harm to her reputation and integrity.

“We deny every allegation contained in the publication and state that the publication is false, malicious, mischievous and a deliberate attempt at smearing the integrity and solid reputation of her lordship,” declared Enebeli on behalf of Peter-Odili. The statement further highlighted the perilous nature of such allegations, noting the potential to incite public sentiment on a matter of profound national significance.

In a bid to rectify this public defamation, Peter-Odili’s legal team has taken swift action. Demanding a public retraction and apology from Jackson Ude, they are poised to seek redress in the courts if their demands are not met. Enebeli underscored the seriousness of their intent, revealing that legal proceedings would be initiated if Ude fails to retract the damaging story.

As the legal and political theater unfolds, this latest twist showcases the power of truth and integrity in the face of swirling rumors and accusations. The public, now equipped with a clear and unequivocal denial, is urged to dismiss the false publication and await further developments in this gripping narrative.

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