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Doyin Okupe begs for Nasir El-Rufai’s Ministerial Confirmation



In a thought-provoking plea, Doyin Okupe, the former director-general of the Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council, has extended a fervent appeal to the esteemed National Assembly.

His entreaty? To reconsider and affirm the confirmation of Nasir El-Rufai, the former governor of Kaduna State, as a minister-designate in the government.

As the echoes of the recent ministerial confirmation process reverberate, it’s important to recall that out of the 48 ministerial nominees meticulously assembled by President Bola Tinubu, a resounding 45 were granted the Senate’s imprimatur. However, three prominent figures found themselves ensnared in a web of doubt, their confirmation suspended in the stormy waters of “security issues.” Nasir El-Rufai, alongside Abubakar Danladi, the former deputy governor of Taraba State, and Stella Okotete, the former director of Nexim Bank, faced this unexpected hurdle.

Responding to this political storm, Doyin Okupe, a seasoned figure in Nigerian politics, weighed in with a distinctive perspective. In a candid message posted on his X handle, Okupe hailed El-Rufai as a forceful and dynamic individual whose competence stands beyond question. Despite acknowledging his personal reservations about El-Rufai’s radical tendencies and recent brushes with religious extremism, Okupe shone a spotlight on El-Rufai’s undeniable capacity for exceptional performance.

“Let us not disregard the potential benefits of El-Rufai’s unique competence,” Okupe urged. With the ministry of power at the forefront of consideration, Okupe underscored the gravity of the situation. In his eyes, the prospect of a transformed energy landscape and a resolute effort to combat poverty is too important to be overshadowed by personal differences.

In a nuanced suggestion that seeks balance and responsibility, Okupe proposed an innovative approach to El-Rufai’s potential confirmation. He urged the Senate to extract an undertaking from the former governor, binding him to a commitment to refrain from any remarks or statements pertaining to religion while in office. This stipulation, he argued, would help mitigate concerns and ensure a focus on the core objectives of the ministry.

“The power ministry’s role in our economy cannot be overstated,” Okupe emphasized, speaking to the pivotal role that energy reform plays in the nation’s progress. “If there exists an individual capable of surmounting our energy challenges, Nasir El-Rufai is undoubtedly among those select few.”

As the stage is set for a decision of national significance, Doyin Okupe’s words resound as a nuanced plea for a balanced approach that places competence and responsibility at the forefront. The outcome of this deliberation will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of Nigeria’s energy landscape and its unwavering quest to alleviate poverty.

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